We have been involved in projects within food factories requiring the development of equipment to provide a refined and improved vibration to achieve consistent settling or drainage of a product.

  • The first stage is to analyse the existing vibration pattern by way of visual/photographic inspection and accelerometer measurement.
  • The second stage is to build a prototype to determine and demonstrate precisely the vibration required to give the optimum process conditions.
  • The third stage is to specify the vibrator unit which is capable of giving the required amplitude and frequency.
  • The final, and most important stage, is to design a structure that can effectively transmit the energy from the vibrator unit through to the product.

In the process described above there would be 3 parties involved, the Customer and their Process Engineers, the Vibrator manufacturer, and Epsilon Engineering as main co-ordinator/system builder. (If the vibration analysis is particularly complicated there may be a need to bring in an additional party – an institute such as a University Engineering Department.)