Working with EE

Epsilon Engineering offer a wide range of services from the complete design and installation of a packaging hall to change parts for a production machine to consultancy services and drafting a factory plan. The choice is varied and so a single charging structure does not exist.

To help clarify we sub-divide our services as follows:

Fee Based

Epsilon Engineering Limited are appointed directly by the client and will act impartially in the role of honest broker on behalf of the client ensuring a professional and objective service. Currently the majority of our work involves designing facilities & project managing the installation on behalf of the client, including:

  • Consultancy work
  • Design specifications and feasibility studies
  • Project management

Contract Based

Some of our projects are a mix of fee based and contract management whereby we act as the main contractor and design and build the scheme for an agreed cost including:

  • Complete design & build schemes
  • Design & build fit out


We will discuss any other form of contract with a client that is appropriate for the project including:

  • Open book
  • Gross maximum price
  • Partnering